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Keyboard Shortcuts and Viewer Modes

Rotate geometry by moving mouse inside viewer window and drag while left mouse button pressed. Rotation usually is the default mode in the viewer.

Press right mouse button to select major interaction mode from popup menu, or use keyboard keys to temporarily switch between different modes (just keep a button pressed to switch mode temporarily):

o Rotate surface (initial mode for perspective camera) similar to a space ball. Orbit mode.
s Scale surface, drag in vertical direction
t Translate surface (initial mode for orthogonal cameras)
r Reset camera and viewer, geometry returns to default position
a Add additional vertex to geometry (vertices must be visible to see added vertices)
p Pick a vertex and drag it. To see picked vertex enable display of
vertices in menu Inspector->Object->Material of control panel,
picked vertices are magenta).
Currently, also used to pick initial points for curves on surfaces.
i Initial pick, e.g. used drag initial points on surfaces (used in application projects to specify starting points)
m Drag a rectangle to Mark all enclosed vertices.
u Drag a rectangle to Unmark all enclosed vertices.
c Center camera on object (object is centered and not scaled)
f Focus camera on object (object is centered and scaled)
x Drag a rectangle to fill the display, rectangular zoom.
q Stop animation in viewer
w Start animation of last action in viewer (rotate, translate, scale)
Ctrl-pick Hold control key and pick a geometry in display to make it the active geometry. For example, only the active geometry receives pick events.
Ctrl-tab Hold control key and press TAB to flip through the set geometries in a display and activate the next geometry.
Ctrl-s or F1 Show control window to with numerous panels including material and display settings.
F2 Hide control window
Ctrl-d or F3 Show JavaView console window with Debug information
Ctrl-a or F4 Show Animation panel to steer animations. Only available if current project is animated.
Ctrl-p Info panel of current Project (mouse focus must be in display)
Ctrl-i Info panel of current geometry (mouse focus must be in display)
Ctrl-m Material panel of current geometry (mouse focus must be in display)
Ctrl-c Info panel of Camera (mouse focus must be in display)
Ctrl-v Info panel of Viewer (mouse focus must be in display)
Left Mouse Depending on mode, to drag, pick and select in viewer
Right Mouse Show popup menu to select major mode and others actions.

To modify appearance of the geometry press F1 or Ctrl-s to show the control window and select the material panel. Be sure to have the mouse focus inside the viewer, otherwise Windows help might appear. To hide the control window press F2.

Go to applet Viewer Demo for navigating the camera with a sample geometry.