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Since Java is a problem with some older browser and on Macintosh computers, this archive may be used in two different modes: with and without Java applets. From the homepage http://www.eg-models.de select the menu:

menu item MODELS Java enhanced
menu item NO APPLETS no Java applet

Only the Java enhanced version allows to switch between the preview image and the applet version of models.

 Java Setup

On Windows/Win-NT PCs the standard browsers usually do all necessary Java installations and no special user setup is necessary.

On UNIX systems some additional setup might be necessary for each user, for example, a correct CLASSPATH - please, consult your system operator.

In Case of Further Problems

The initial download of the Java archive may need some time on slow connections. Between 60 KB and 70 KB must be transferred over the network until JavaView starts. This amount is much less than the size of a geometry file. This archive is transferred once such that the applets on next pages do not require a new download of the archive. They use the version stored in the browser's cache.

If there is no applet or geometry visible after some time, try the following steps:

  1. Browser:
    On Windows and Unix assure that you have a browser with version number
       Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and later
       Netscape Navigator 4.08 and later.

    If you do not know your browser's version number, go to the following page which will list your browser properties.
    On Apple Macintosh have a look at the page.
  2. Enable Java: If you do not see the message "JavaView initializing ..." after some time, then your browser could not start JavaView. Maybe Java is not enabled in your browser, so check the menu entry Edit-Preferences-Advanced in Netscape or Extras-Internet Options-Advanced in Microsoft Internet Explorer whether your browser is Java enabled.
  3. Security Issues: If you do not see the message "JavaView initializing ..." after some time, there might be a security issue. Try open the Java Console of your browser via menu Communicator-Java Console or Communicator-Tools-Java Console or View-Java Console and look for the word Security. (Remark: on MS Internet Explorer the console must be enabled in the Preferences.) Security issues are a bit delicate for beginners to understand and you might want to ask an expert who knows about your operating system and the security policy. This has nothing to do with JavaView.