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Citation Example

The citation of a model in the archive is similar to the citation of a research article published in a mathematical journal. Each citation should contain the following data which is available on each model page:

Title of the model
Author(s) of the model
Name of this archive: Electronic Geometry Models
Unique identification number of the model, plus the model file name.
(Optional) Name of the master file: costa1_1.0.obj
(Optional) A direct link to this archive: http://www.eg-models.de/.

The following text contains a citation example.

Second Variation of the Costa Surface

In this sample text we describe a numerical experiment based on the unstable Costa surface [12] from the Electronic Geometry Models archive. We compute the eigenfunction corresponding to the first eigenvalue of the second variation of area of the Costa surface.



[12] Costa-Hoffman-Meeks Genus 1 Minimal Surface, J. Hoffman, Electronic Geometry Models, No. 2000.07.004, costa1_1.0.obj.