Submission Process

Before submitting a model to the Electronic Geometry Model archive carefully read the instructions for authors.

A model is represented by a master file which provides a unique and well-defined description of the model. This master file is the reference data set of the geometry model, it may be generated with an arbitrary software. An author submits a model in the form of a

Put all files in a compressed ZIP or TAR.GZ archive and complete your submission by uploading the archive:

Type or browse archive file from local disk:
After selecting the file, upload to server:

After an instant preview of your submission you can acknowledge with your e-mail address and thereby complete your submission. If you cannot resolve problems occurring in the upload or automatic validation process, please, contact the eg-models administrator at and send your submission by email. We will help to analyse the problem.

For example, a valid submission of a geometry might consist of the following set of files:

Description File

It is essential that a model submission includes a completed description file in XML format. The format of a description file must follow exact rules.

But note, there is no need to know about XML or to type any XML by hand. Here are different way to generate an XML file either by

A real-world example of a completed description file is available here. A note for experts, any XML description file is formatted according to the data type dictionary eg-model.dtd.

Data Formats of the Master File and Other Files

The following table lists different file types (most are supplemental). A detailed specification of the data formats is given on the page data formats:




Description Complete description of model submission. Review decision is based on master file and this description. XML required
Master The major geometry data file which is the reference data set. All other geometry files have minor importance and are usually derived from this unique file. JVX,OBJ,
Applet Small sized version of the geometry for online display in an interactive applet. If this Master file is small you may reference the Master file as Applet file.  JVX,OBJ,
Preview Small image for fast preview of the model. Recommended image size is 240*240 pixels. GIF,JPG recommended

Display JavaView display settings. May be used to configure the display in the applet version, in this case it has to be referenced by "displayname" in the file_applet section. JVD optional
Image Additional image file, shown in the applet version and in the image version of EG-Models. GIF,JPG optional
Readme Additional instructions for editors and administrators of  data base. This file will not be included in the public presentation of the model. Instructions to readers of EG-Models should be placed in the model decription. TXT optional
Print Image of model for inclusion in publications. Note, users of this file must correctly cite the model as being published in this data base.
PostScript files must be ASCII without preview image.
PS,EPS,GIF,JPG optional
Original If master file has been generated by a software package from this original source, then this original file may also be supplied although there is no guarantee that the EG-Models archive supplies any tools operating on this file. arbitrary optional

Other Other supplemental files although there is no guarantee that the EG-Models archive supplies any tools operating on this files. arbitrary optional


Keyframe animations may be supplied by enumerating the keyframe files similar to


where IND runs from 1 to number of keyframes. The preview image may be an animation even for static geometry models.