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Please, use semicolons to separate the different names, phrases or classifications you would like to search for.
The lines of the form are logically combined by an 'and'.

The search is not case sensitive.

Generally there are not many conventions you have to follow when entering data into the above form. You are always allowed to use wildcards. Use '*' or '%' (SQL-Wildcard) for an arbitrary number of characters, and '.', '?' or '_' (SQL-Wildcard) for a single character.
The Database always handles phrases as if they were truncated, i.e., wildcards are added to the beginning and the end of every phrase.
Below you find a table where you are informed about several things you have to know when searching in a special category.
Author: Example:
If you are looking for 'Kenneth Brakke' you can use any of the following:
brakke,[ ]k[.]
brakke,[ ]kenneth
where the characters within the brackets are optional.
MSC-2000: Here you can use the character 'x' as a wildcard for a single digit.