Links to External Model Collections and Software

Mathematical Models

This is a loose collection of links to sites with mathematical models outside the EG-Models server.  Additional links are welcome at

Plaster Models

Images of Plaster Models made at the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Tokyo

The KnotPlot Site Robert Scharein's Collection of Knots
Geometric Sculpture Sculptures by George Hart
Steiner Surfaces Algebraic Surfaces by Adam Coffman
Mathematics Museum Collection of Visualizations at the University of Tokyo.
Models of Surfaces History of Mathematical Models by Angela Vierling
Compleat Collection Mathematical Models and Teaching Tools at the University of Arizona
Visual Geometry Pages Interactive Differential Geometry with JavaView applets at TU-Berlin
Scientific Graphics Project Geometric Surfaces at MSRI, Berkeley
Beyond the Third Dimension Virtual exhibition of geometry models by T. Banchoff and D. Cervone


A sample collection of mathematical software to generate mathematical models or use models in publications and experiments. Additional links are welcome at

The KnotPlot Site Robert Scharein's Knot Manipulator and Visualizer
JavaView Geometry and Visualization Software by Konrad Polthier, Eike Preuž, Klaus Hildebrandt and Ulrich Reitebuch.
jDvi Java based DVI viewer by Tim Hoffmann.
Polymake Algorithmic treatment of polytopes and polyhedra by Michael Joswig and Ewgenij Gawrilow
Surface Evolver Ken Brakke's Surface Evolver for Variational Problems
Cinderella Geometry Software by Ulrich Kortenkamp and J’rgen Richter-Gebert.
Kant Computer algebra system for algebraic number fields by Michael E. Pohst
Math-Net Software Mathematical Software Archive at Math-Net.
Mathematics Virtual Library Listing of Mathematics Software at Florida State University.

Other Related

Diverse other related places in the net related to math, modelling or electronic publishing. Additional links are welcome at

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